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The Search for Human Burials


Find & Characterize Unmarked Graves

The Subterra Grey Model P is a mobile soil laboratory for in situ forensic analysis of the soil. The Subterra inserts a probe into the ground to measure the chemical content of the soil by visible and infrared spectroscopy and to probe the compactness of the soil by the probe insertion pressure.

Subterra Grey

Designed for Forensic & Historical Sites

Among the applications of the Subterra Grey are the following:

  1. Use by law enforcement in searches for crime victims.

  2. Searches for unmarked graves at historic sites such as former residential schools and county homes for the indigent.

  3. Searches for casualties of war including fallen soldiers and victims of atrocities.

Subterra Grey

Why Choose Subterra Grey?

Subterra Grey Model P detects burials by two means:

  1. Direct detection human remains as the salts of fatty acids.

  2. Indirect detection of the softer soil within the grave excavation.

These effects are long-lasting in the soil, often observable for a century or more after the burial. Immediate results in the field.

Subterra Grey



Compact and Portable

Ideal for rugged terrain and confined search areas.

No Training Needed

No Scientific Training Needed

Operable by search professionals without additional scientific training.

Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive

Ensures minimal disturbance to sensitive forensics sites.

Real-Time Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Provides immediate quantitative indications of a burial.

Single Operator

Single Operator

The Subterra is operable by one person.


Closure Rates

Improved Case Closure Rates

Direct detection of human remains and their precise location.

Instant Indication

Instantaneous Indication

Immediate burial indicators plus available post-facto analysis including 3-D site mapping.


Cost-Efficient Searches

No consumable materials, no samples extracted. Near zero operating cost.


Take a step into the future of forensic analysis!

Subterra Grey - your partner in knowing what’s below.

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