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Unearthing Agricultural Innovation


Map Soil Organic Carbon Rapidly and Accurately at a Fraction of the Cost

The Subterra Green inserts a probe into the ground, allowing us to measure and map the chemical content of the soil spectroscopically, eliminating the need for costly extraction, handling, and analysis of soil samples.


A Mobile Soil Laboratory

Currently the Subterra Green measures and maps soil organic carbon and bulk density to a depth of 90 cm. Capacity to measure other soil health and fertility indicators is under development.

Soil Organic Carbon

Why Choose Subterra Green?

Innovative Technology: Improve yields and be ready for soil carbon credits.

Cost-Effective: The Subterra uses no consumables and requires no soil samples. A 90-second insertion measures soil at depth increments to 90 cm. Detailed georeferenced maps are produced by dense sampling not feasible using conventional laboratory analysis of soil samples.

Subterra Green



Compact and Portable

Designed to be operable by one person.

No Training Needed

No Scientific Training Needed

For use by soil science professionals without further scientific training.

Low Cost

Low Cost

Reducing the need for collecting soil samples cuts the cost of mapping soil properties

Real-Time Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Instantaneous info for mapping and precision agriculture functions.



Applicable to diverse soil properties.


Increased Yields, Reduced Costs:

Farmers can boost yields without escalating expenses.

Carbon Credit Opportunities:

Explore the emerging carbon credit market for an alternative income source.

Healthy Soils, Higher Profits:

Organic Carbon content indicates healthy soils, leading to improved profits.


Help us improve the Subterra Green! We are looking for farmers/landowners who are willing to allow S4 Mobile Laboratories to map the soil organic carbon content of their land at no cost to the farmer


Cultivate with Confidence!

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art mobile soil laboratory and make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

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