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Better, Faster and Less Expensive!

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best soil testing solutions available. We use the latest technology to collect and aggregate data from sites across the world, ensuring that our results are accurate in pinpointing chemical signatures. With our on-site, instantaneous analysis, you can make decisions about your soil quality with confidence, knowing that you have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.


As the Subterra mobile laboratory moves along the grid, push-probe technology is used to drive a spectroscopic sensor one meter into the ground. During insertion, spectra are gathered every few centimeters along with other important information such as insertion pressure.


We can find hundreds of chemical signatures. Whether you are using a Subterra Grey to find clandestine graves or mapping a farm field with a Subterra Green to understand the distribution of soil organic carbon, our technology provides accurate, in situ, inexpensive, real-time results.


During operations, on-board data are compared to other sites across the world to determine baselines and avoid the delays of sending core samples to the lab. 


Finally, a 3-D map of underground chemical compositions is made. From agricultural and environmental maps of soil organic carbon to maps showing the extent of Native American burials at construction sites, nothing hides from us.

Meet Our S4 Team

Chris Matney
Chris Matney


Business Operations

Barry Rosenbaum
Barry Rosenbaum, PhD


Senior Fellow

University of Akron Research Foundation

Afrin Lopa
Afrin Lopa, PhD


Analytical Forensic Chemistry

David Licate
David Licate, PhD


Prof. of Criminal Justice

University of Akron

Al Green
Al Green, PhD


CEO AMG Consulting

David Perry
David Perry, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Chemical Spectroscopy

Linda Barrett
Linda Barrett, PhD

Principal Scientist

Soil Chemistry

Giovanna Vidoli
Giovanna Vidoli, PhD


Asst. Director Forensics
University of Tennessee
Forensic Anthropology Center

Lamalani Suarez
Lamalani Suarez

Senior Scientist

Environmental Biology

Tim Matney
Tim Matney, PhD

Principal Scientist


Will Hemker
Wil Hemker, PhD


Entrepreneur Fellow

University of Akron Research Foundation

Russell Pier
Russell Pier

Field Technician

Student, University of Akron

Morgan Revels
Morgan Revels

Senior Field Director

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