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S4 Partner Spotlight: KNT IRS Consulting

Updated: Mar 15

The S4 Mobile Laboratories Partner Spotlight is a dedicated feature aimed at showcasing the collaborative efforts and achievements of S4 Mobile Laboratories with its partners. This initiative serves as a platform to highlight the innovative work, projects, and solutions developed through partnerships with various organizations, institutions, and businesses.


Through shared articles and insights in the blog feature, the Partner Spotlight showcases the diverse range of collaborations undertaken by S4 Mobile Laboratories. These collaborations might include joint research endeavors, co-development of products or services, integration of technologies, or mutual initiatives aimed at addressing specific industry challenges.


S4 Mobile Laboratories Partner Spotlight is a tribute to the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence shared by S4 Mobile Laboratories and its partners. By highlighting successful partnerships and the value they create, the initiative contributes to driving innovation, fostering growth, and making a positive impact in various industries and sectors.


S4 Mobile Laboratories Partner Spotlight KNT IRS Consulting

In the ongoing journey towards truth and reconciliation, KNT IRS Consulting (KNT) provides support for Indigenous Nations grappling with the legacy of Indian Residential Schools (IRS) and the tragedies of missing students who didn’t make it home. With a firm commitment to cultural respect and community empowerment, KNT, led by CEO Nadine Obey, emerges as a vital ally in the quest for healing and justice. We are proud to feature the significant work of KNT and its strategic partnership with S4 Mobile Laboratories, highlighting their shared vision of the search for the truth.

At the heart of KNT's mission lies a dedication to providing comprehensive support to Indigenous Nations. Their range of services, spanning from historic archival research to mental health and traditional supports, points to a holistic approach to addressing the complex legacies of trauma. Guided by cultural sensitivity and a personalized framework for healing, KNT aims to empower communities on their journey towards truth and reconciliation.

KNT's offerings are as diverse as the communities they serve. From French translations of Oblate documents to cutting-edge GIS technology, their toolkit is designed to navigate the intricacies of historical investigation and community engagement. Using S4’s Subterra Gray, a state-of-the-art subsurface survey tool tailored for exploring unmarked burials, KNT can provide a scientific approach to providing recognition and closure for those impacted by the tragedies of Indian Residential Schools. This partnership with S4 Mobile Laboratories exemplifies KNT's commitment to leveraging innovative technology in service of their mission.

Central to KNT's strategy is strategic collaboration with key partners such as universities and, notably, S4 Mobile Laboratories. By joining forces with S4, KNT gains access to a wide network of specialists and cutting-edge technology, enhancing their ability to fulfill their mission. The partnership with S4 is characterized by mutual respect and a shared commitment to making a meaningful impact on Indigenous communities.

"Through our partnership with S4 Mobile Laboratories, we are equipped with the latest tools and technology to advance our mission of truth and reconciliation. Together, we are not only locating missing children but also restoring hope and healing to Indigenous communities”, says Barb Lavallee of KNT.

Russell Pier of S4 expands on the benefits of this alliance, "In collaborating with KNT IRS Consulting, S4 Mobile Laboratories is honored to contribute our expertise and technology towards the critical mission of locating missing children and supporting Indigenous communities. Our partnership aims to not only bring closure to families but also to foster a deeper understanding of historical injustices and pave the way for a future of healing, reconciliation, and truth."

As KNT IRS Consulting continues to pursue their quest for justice and healing, the partnership with S4 Mobile Laboratories is a testament to the power of collaboration in influencing positive change. With innovation, compassion, and unwavering dedication, KNT and S4 are lighting the way towards a future of reconciliation and healing for Indigenous communities across Canada and beyond.



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